About us

The Founder

Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Bilal Aslam, and I’m absolutely obsessed with computers, the mesmerizing world of RGB aesthetics, and the thrilling realm of PC gaming. Over the years, I’ve amassed a wealth of experience, spending countless hours immersing myself in these passions.

When it comes to PC gaming, I’ve been through it all – from epic gaming marathons to intense battles with cutting-edge hardware configurations. I know the thrill of achieving optimal performance in the virtual world and the joy of immersing myself in the latest gaming titles.

My gaming expertise isn’t just about winning; it’s about relishing the entire gaming experience, from stunning graphics to immersive gameplay.

RGB gaming room setup

So, if you’re a tech enthusiast like me, or even if you’re just starting to explore the incredible world of computers, RGB, and PC gaming, I’m your trusted guide. With my practical experience and passion for all things tech.

I’m here to help you unlock the full potential of your setup and embark on unforgettable gaming adventures. Join me on this journey through the digital frontier, where innovation meets creativity, and every pixel radiates with the promise of endless possibilities.

The Mission of RGB Advisor

We are a platform of a digital world providing all the information about RGB products related to gaming computers. Our sole aim is to provide you with the most accurate and reliable information about RGB products.

Why Trust Us

Through our platform, you are going to be able to find every single RGB product through our respective tutorials and guidelines. Nowadays RGB products are becoming trending sellers across the globe. But is it that easy to find the right product or accessory for your gaming PC?

The recognition of the right RGB product is not easy. You need to have extensive information about any RGB product before you make a purchase. And that is where we come to give you the right product for your PC.