Best ARGB LED Strips for Gaming PC [2023]

An ARGB or Addressable RGB header is generally a 5V 3-pin connector that upholds gadgets furnished with an IC (Integrated Circuit, likewise now and then alluded to as a computer chip) to give much better adaptability with respect to lighting alternatives. 

ARGB LED uniform strip supports a variety of controlled software. This lightning-controlled software permits gamers to control lighting impacts and lighting synchronization. It makes an extraordinary, amazing color feel and offers a splendid RGB framework

If you need to brighten up your gaming arrangement then you are at the right place. We have the solution for you. Today, we will focus on a list of the best ARGB LED strips for PC so that our readers can get to know their specs and details. We will also conclude the best one among all for the ease of our readers. 

List of the Best ARGB LED Strips for PC

Following is a list of some best and durable ARGB LED strips for PC use:

Corsair iCUE LS100 – Best Overall ARGB Strip for Gaming Rigs

Best ARGB LED Strips for PC


  • In-built diffusion element
  • Ambient lighting synchronization
  • iCUE software support

If you’re into PC building, then, at that point you have presumably heard Corsair’s name. Due to their creative and hearty item setup, they are one of the critical forerunners in the world of gaming peripherals. Corsair’s iCUE is one of the most amazing RGB software controlling utilities out there.

In light of its instinctive nature, getting innovative with it is genuinely basic. You will get a completely vivid involvement in the surrounding lighting controls. The profundity of the lighting and its adaptability make it one of the alternatives for the best Corsair ARGB LED strip for a gaming PC.

What’s more, the convenience angle is additionally better in each action. Regardless of having adaptability issues, the LS100 has a ton making it work. There’s not a great deal of led light strips out there that can coordinate with Corsair’s principles. Along these lines, if you are anticipating going with it, then, at that point you are choosing a great option.


  • Very easy to install
  • Ambient lighting control


  • Flexibility issues

Silverstone technology LS04 premium – Most Durable ARGB Strip on Budget

Durable LED Strip to install in a gaming PC case


  • Dual strips with 40 addressable RGB pieces
  • Dot-free lighting
  • 1.5 feet strip 
  • Magnetic clip connector

SilverStone and power supplies go connected hand in hand. Even though they have different peripherals also, power supplies are a portion of their best things. In any case, the LS04 Dual-sided ARGB LEDs sparkle the same way in the lighting division.

As usual, with SilverStone items, there’s not all that much to whine about. The LED gives a warm and smooth gleam, adding class to your gaming framework/room. Furthermore, the clasp connector strategy makes it perhaps the most effortless alternative to using all in all.

Indeed, the length is short. In any case, the splendid and vivid RGB lighting compensates for it. In actuality, the led strip lighting is comparable to present-day guidelines. All in all, it wouldn’t hurt for you to look at it right now.


  • Amazing sparkle
  • Classy look


  • Short length

Silverstone technology LS03 – Reliable LED Strip for Gaming PC Cases

The most reliable led strips to get for your computer case


  • 1.5 feet strips with 12 ARGBs on each
  • 3-pin header
  • Good support for motherboard software

We’ve as of now come to think about the popularity of SilverStone. In this way, it’s likely a smart thought if we direct our concentration toward SilverStone ARGB strips. Furthermore, these strips maintain their cases also. They are tolerably brilliant with satisfactory perfection.

So, they are not very brutal. Likewise, the installation is right on track. With everything taken into account, you essentially have every one of the important provisions. Anyway, would you consider it one of the most outstanding addressable RGB-led strip choices? All things considered, there’s no explanation you shouldn’t.

Without a doubt, the extensions are not on the thin side. In any case, you have basic of the essential elements for a fair worth.


  • Very little power consumption
  • Easy to install


  • Not very thin extensions

NZXT HUE 2 LED strip – High Quality RGB Light Strips

solid built ARGB strips


  • Compatible with NZXT Hue-2 lighting controller
  • 250mm LED strip lights
  • 10 individual LEDs on each strip

NZXT comes as one of the well-reputed PC case makers out there. However, their RGB LED strips are similarly on a par with their housings.

It’s not the best RGB LED strip with just 10 addressable RGB LEDs. In any case, on account of some cunning advancement, they offer more than respectable surrounding lighting. Likewise, if you are utilizing it with an NZXT center and framework, the general experience becomes better.

Presently, the strip is small. Additionally, the regulator doesn’t come in the container. Be that as it may, at the cost and contributions, it’s a sufficient arrangement to spend your cash on.


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Easy setup with NZXT CAM software


  • Small strip

Phanteks NEON digital M1 – Wide Spectrum of Lights

best quality RGB effect light strip to install in your PC


  • 1 meter LED strip
  • Consume 10.5 watts
  • Good hardware support
  • Smooth installation

If you’re thinking PC, then, at that point Phanteks comes out as a characteristic decision on account of their dependable item arrangement. What’s more, the Phanteks NEON M1 LED strip is a genuine demonstration of their item arrangement.

All things considered, truth be told, it’s not with regards to the actual components. Everything’s with regards to how the unwavering quality of the components stands. What’s more, that is the place where Phanteks sparkles. It’s one of the not many choices out there with help for different motherboard brands.

Also, it’s truly solid in such a manner. To the extent lighting goes, it’s as vivid as possible anticipate from a brand line Phanteks. It’s splendid and smooth with no perceptible blemishes. Your PC will stand apart as the highlight in your room.

However the 3M glue has serious room for improvement, we trust it’s an extraordinary equilibrium of components. At the cost, it is a commendable choice.


  • Full support to RGB color spectrum
  • Little power consumption


  • The adhesives need improvement

ASUS ROG 5050 – Best Aura Sync RGB Strip for Adding Aesthetics to your Case

Aura Sync compatible RGB Strip


  • 60cm LED lighting strip
  • Magnetic backing
  • Adhesive strips for universal mounting
  • RGB extension cable

ASUS gives a wide market to accessories and/or parts with RGB, from screens, motherboards, peripherals, and even amplifiers with AURA Sync synchronization. . Corresponding to the abovementioned, ASUS fosters its own.

With the wide variety of items with RGB innovation, ASUS wanders into a world brimming with enormous producers of this sort of extras, presently it likely could be only a total adornment and not a line of business that you need to take advantage of. Even though with the declaration of your future cupboards, RGB power supplies, cooling frameworks feels as though ASUS needs to become free as a maker equipped for giving the total arrangement.

Well, I guess we will consider this to be time passes by, since just as ASUS different makers have needed daring to different parts inside the PC arrangement. Acquainting a bit with these accessories, comprehend the difference between addressable and non-addressable RGB strips.

The non-addressable RGB strips are comprised of LEDs that react to voltage differences, likewise. As they have the RED, BLUE, and GREEN pins overall, these voltage differences per pin will make it conceivable to make the blends of colors that we can find in the RGB strip, we should not fail to remember that the bundle through which this is sent is normal, so the whole RGB strip will produce a similar tone.

The addressable RGB, then again, is fit for conveying a different tone for each LED block, this is identified with the recurrence that is sent through the regulator on the motherboard. It is a more intricate innovation than non-addressable, which permits us to modify our foundation in a more specific manner.


  • Asus board adapters 
  • Good quality


  • A bit costly

Megulla LED – A 65 Feet Longer Adressable RGB Strip

low budget led strip


  • 20 meter ARGB strips
  • Built-in microphone
  • 4-light sync modes
  • Double-sided tape for installation

The Megulla LED strips aren’t actually for your PC. They will in gen1eral take into account the people who need great lighting for their gaming rooms or man The elements don’t recount the entire story. However, from what we’ve seen up until now, the lighting looks and feels respectable.

There’s no perceptible twisting or anything. In addition, the way that you can handle it with your telephone is stunning. Of course, the glue isn’t simply extraordinary. However, the elements are by and large present.

You can utilize it either as an adornment for your PC or your room. Thus, you ought to likely look at them if you’re searching for something to brighten up your home arrangement.


  • Minimum output to operate strips
  • Control with the help of smartphone


  • The installation tape is not very good


Frankly, tracking down the best ARGB LED strips isn’t that difficult of an undertaking. However, becoming more acquainted with the components, all in all, the worth an item (LED strip for our situation) gives, is something you can’t underestimate. Therefore, the best one in our opinion is “Phanteks NEON digital-RGB LED strip M1”. 

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