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Best Aura Sync Compatible RGB/ARGB Fans [2023]

Guide on the best RGB aura sunc case fans for gaming builds

Cooling fans are not some new items when we talk about computers. They are almost as old as desktop systems. However, the new and amazing element in these fans is RGB. If your focus is best aura sync case fans then you are in the right place.  

Gaming fans feel weak at the knees over having a gaming system that has a cool visual showcase. RGB fans not just cool the system and give exhaust to the heat, they additionally give engaging visual presentations.

Likewise, RGB fans are continually pivoting, which adds one more measurement to the lighting. It causes the PC to feel invigorated. The thing with RGB fans is that they are more unique than other RGB components. Especially, if you already own a gaming rig with an RGB power supply, motherboard, and CPU cooler, then adding an aura sync case fan adds more color to your setup.

Does your system get excessively hot while playing substantial computer games? It is safe to say that you are searching for cooling fans to purchase yet in addition want to have a brilliant and novel RGB one? There are multiple RGB fans that work with ASUS and AURA. For the purpose of this guide, we will focus on 120mm case fans only. However, if you need more cooling and a bigger fan, then it’s worth going with 140mm RGB case fans for high airflow.

Here we have recorded for you the best Aura compatible RGB fans for our readers. You can go through our detailed list below so that you can choose the one most compatible for you.

List of Best RGB/ARGB Aura Sync Compatible Fans

Following is a list of the best Aura sync fans that you can choose from:

Bitfenix Spectre Pro RGB 120mm – Best Overall RGB Aura Sync PC Case Fan

Best Aura Sync Compatible RGB Fans


  • 1200 RPM fan speed
  • 1.24mm air pressure
  • 56.22 CFM airflow

This RGB fan is amazing in the Spectre fan series. It is created in collaboration with Asus. It is Aura sync ready and will begin working right upon establishment. The Specter Pro has RGB unlike the single LEDs in the past models. It depends on a similar innovation as other BitFenix fans.

In this way, it matches with them and is additionally compatible with BitFenix RGB regulators. The fan edges are planned with the goal that the wind stream is more engaged and cool air can arrive at the components of the system. The sharp edges are additionally built up and can oppose distorting at high paces.

As per PC components exploring, the BitFenix Specter Pro outflanked a portion of the fans in this list in the smoke test. Additionally, the fans involve trib right LED innovation which permits more soaked tones and equitably conveyed light.

The way that it’s white makes it more intelligent of the RGB lights bringing about a more satisfying look. In spite of the fact that with regards to the form, it’s very basic however alluring. The plan on the sides is hexagonal that makes it simpler to grasp during establishment on the motherboard.


  • Lowest noise level
  • Bright LEDs


  • Installing is a bit hectic

Cougar Vortex RGB HPB 120 – Best Value RGB Aura Sync Case Fan

Best value RGB case fan for the money


  • 600-1500 RPM fan speed
  • 1.17mm air pressure
  • 43.54 CFM airflow

These fans have a protected edge plan that works incredibly in keeping the fundamental components of the system cool. Each fan is furnished with 18 LED lights. These lights enlighten each of the three headings rather than simply outward and internal.

The hydrodynamic orientation of these fans provides focal oil pressure, builds lifetime, diminishes rubbing and commotion, and improves strength. Also, the fan blades are thick so they are useful for static pressing factors. This likewise makes it useful for CPU radiators. Cougar Vortex separates itself by supporting pretty much every standard RGB control programming out there.

Obviously, it incorporates Asus Aura, however, it upholds MSI Mystic Light, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, and Asrock Polychrome also. It makes up by being more proficient by the way it dislodges the heat.

The blades of this RGB Case Fan are planned exceptionally to debilitate the warmth looking like a vortex, which makes it more successful even with a somewhat lower CFM. The lighting aspect is ring-molded around the fan and not on the whole fan.

This gives it a one-of-a-kind look while keeping the lights secure. A remote regulator permits you to explore through up to 100 different lighting impacts. You can change splendor, shadings, and lighting designs utilizing the regulator.


  • Easy installation
  • Durable blades


  • Not easy to understand for new users

InWin Sirius Loop Addressable RGB 120mm – Highly Compatible Aura Sync RGB Case Fans

best aura sync fan


  • 500-1800 RPM fan speed
  • 1.67mm air pressure
  • 50 CFM airflow

These additionally have a ring-molded lighting locale around the fans as the Cougar Vortex evaluated previously. The blades are bigger and the casing is more slender which offers a more prominent surface region. It is also helpful for producing more wind current and better gaseous tension.

In the middle, the fan has openings for ventilation to keep the bearing cool. This expands the fan’s lifetime.

The dark shade of the blades stands out well from the enlightening ring of light for what it’s worth. The Sirius Loop separates itself with four little elastic cushions put all around the fan.

These cushions increment strength and decrease vibration impacts. The fans are compatible with Polychrome sync, MSI, RGB Fusion just as Aura sync.


  • Easy installation
  • Very good airflow


  • The RGB addressable pin in this fan is loose

Deepcool CF 120 – The Most Affordable RGB for Asus Aura

highly compatible rgb fan for asus aura sync motherboards


  • 500-1500 RPM fan speed
  • 1.63mm air pressure
  • 56.5 CFM airflow

One of the most silent Asus aura compatible fans accessible on the lookout is Deepcool CF 120. It is really noteworthy thinking of it as still reaches up to 1500 RPM. These light up totally with different enlightening shadings. These are outfitted with 12 LED lights, which are freely programmable.

The paces of the fans are controlled productively by the motherboard as the temperature shifts. These are likewise compatible with Aura Sync, MSI, RGB Fusion, and Polychrome sync. You can have confidence in the life span of the fan with around 30,000 hours of utilization.

Probably the coolest component of these fans that put them aside is that they accompany a splitter cable. The link has four spots. If your motherboard has just a single ARGB header, you can in any case interface more than one fan with the link, and afterward, the link can associate with the one ARGB header.

This actually leaves one spot which can additionally be used to interface more fans. These can be set in one of the three unique modes waves, cycles, or in one of the three static modes steady light, and meteor.

Additionally, you can look over up to 8 different shadings. If you are searching for a PC arrangement without numerous RGB components, then, at that point simply utilizing a bunch of CF 120 fans can illuminate your gaming rig.

In spite of the fact that it compensates for it when it illuminates yet else it looks fundamental. The sides are raised to assist with the establishment. One fascinating turn is the point at which the fan is running the logo resembles a particle, which is quite cool.


  • You can damp the vibration with the help of its rubber pads
  • It has a lot of other accessories like adapters, double-sided tape, and much more


  • The plastic covers used have a cheap quality

Thermaltake Riing Plus – A High-End Software Controllable RGB/ARGB PC Fans

reliable fans that are compatible with aura sync


  • 500-1500 RPM fan speed
  • 1.54mm air pressure
  • 48.34 CFM airflow

Thermaltake Asus aura sync compatible fans accompany 12 LED lights, which can be independently controlled. These can present up to 16.8 million colors. Nine blades with exceptional plans offer a more noteworthy wind stream without expanding commotion levels. This is a move forward from the plan of seven blades in the past models.

Another overhaul is the presentation of RGB lights from the past single-color LEDs. These have a pressure-driven bearing that self-greases up with diminished grating and quiet activity. The counter vibration elastic cushions protect the fans from all sides.

The coolest component of these fans is that you can handle them with your voice. With the TT RGB PLUS App, you can just make proper adjustments. This is the thing that separates these from comparative fans on the list.

You can advise it to switch colors, change the speeds, and faint the lights. Thermaltake has intended to cover the RGB ring. It reduces the impact a bit.

However, the LEDs are adequately splendid to radiate through it actually convey an appealing impact.


  • You can enjoy the view of this fan by individually coloring each LED on each fan
  • You can set individual fan speed for each fan


  • The only bad thing about this fan is that it has not a very good cable management


In correlation with different RGB fans, we gave the best Aura Sync fans award to the Thermaltake Riing Plus. Following are the reasons behind this choice:

  • You can control it by your voice and your android and iOS devices.
  • The fan has s hydraulic bearing along with nine blades of the fan, which is helpful for better airflow. 
  • The fan also has 24 LEDs that are adjusted in a way to provide a colorful ring shape.
  • This fan has not any rattling sound.

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