Best RGB Gaming Chair with LED Lights [2023]

The best RGB gaming chair with LED lights is a dream come true for gamers. This is light the missing piece of a puzzle that completes it perfectly. There is a gaming chair and then there are gaming chairs with LED lights – a completely different mood – such a flex.

There are quite a few good gaming chairs available today, but when you have so many options insight it is quite hard to choose, isn’t it? Especially, if you have just developed your interest in buying a gaming chair, chances are you may end up in a pitfall.

There are hundreds of brands that claim to produce high-quality gaming chairs, but just a few of them stand by their words. So buying a high-quality gaming chair that comes with premium features like LED lights, built-in speakers, and a vibration motor, you have to spend each cent carefully.

We have reviewed and short-listed some of the top-rated gaming chairs available right now in the market, this would ease your buying decision and save you a lot of money. Our list is cluttered and short, with reasons when to buy these chairs and when not.

Need a Quick Decision?? Here are the most recommended options



UOMAX LED Gaming Chair

Clean looking RGB Scheme

Comfortable for long hours

Aligns with your spine 

90-135 Degrees recline

X Rocker RGB Prism Pedestal 2.1

Foldable and easy to clean

Super-easy to clean

Installed with 2 Audio Speakers

Vibration motor for ideal 3D gaming experience

Highly Comfortable

Quick Shopping Tips

When looking out for the right RGB gaming chair, here’s what you need to look for:

  • Comfortable Design: Always look for a chair that combines style with comfort. You’ll spend a lot of time sitting on the chair, so make sure you prefer a comfortable design RGB gaming chair. If you deal with long-hour gaming or streaming sessions, then go with an ergonomic design chair.
  • Customized Lights: Modern-day gaming chairs come with customized lights, this allows you to just the lights according to the scheme of your gaming setup. So look for a gaming chair that offers adjustable RGB lights.

List of the Best Gaming Chairs with LED Lights

The chairs added to the list are thoroughly researched and have top-rated reviews on the Amazon site. We just tried to narrow down some good options for you here, so let’s get straight into it.

1- UOMAX LED Gaming Chair – Overall Best

best led gaming chairs

The very first one on top of our list is the UOMAX LED RGB gaming chair because of its looks. It is so mesmerizing when you look at it and you instantly fall in love.

The chair is most charming, sleek, and cutting edgy sharp. You can say that this is one of the sleekest and more appropriately thinnest you would have ever seen.

Not just that it looks smart – it actually is smart – when it comes to the weight, it is almost 250 pounds, which is a quite low rate for a light-up gaming chair. The LED lights are attached to their edgy ends and they seem to perfectly fit together.


  • The whole chair is made with pure leather alongside the finishing material
  • Two-tone colours make it look attractive and you can choose your favourite colour. Mostly it is a combination of black alongside different colours
  • It is more of an Esport style when it comes to the design of the chair it has a back made with an edgy design look that gives an impression of sports, if you are a gamer this would look so cool in your room
  • The LEDs are placed on its back and you have a wide variety of options to choose from and match with your whole set
  • The swivel movement of this chair is just amazing. It gives you 360 degrees of freedom of movement and the reclining movement is around 90-135 degrees.
  • This chair was made while keeping comfort as the topmost priority. It comes with a high back so no matter how tall you are it will get your back and the lumber headrest is padded well and removable.
  • This chair comes with a replaceable warranty and an additional one-year warranty for any damaged or broken parts


  • A good swivel movement of 360 degree
  • Padded headrest and adjustable armrest
  • LED lights with a wide variety to choose from on the back of this chair
  • Sporty look and top-notch comfort


  • There are a few complaints of getting damaged parts but that is while being delivered to their destination the good part is that customer service is good and you can resolve issues easily – if it ever happens in the worst case.

2- X Rocker RGB Prism Pedestal 2.1 – High-End Gaming Chair with RGB Lights for Gaming and Streaming

rgb gaming chair

This X Rocker Pedestal Design RGB lights-infused chair is the second one on our list. This combination of a gaming chair and comfort is for those who spend most of their time on a gaming chair in a tough work environment. You can keep it in your office or living room. It is a perfect combination for both rooms’ usage.

Many people might think that it is too big for their room but let us enlighten you about that as well. This chair is foldable, so when you are not using it you can simply fold it and place it aside. The X Rocker is available in two colours; Black and Grey.

If you are looking for a complete RGB gaming setup, then forget to have a look at Best RGB Gaming Desks.

It also has a specific room to mount your headsets on the headrest and a subwoofer is there to provide you with top-notch audio quality and vibrations to feel each and everything.

The design is modern and contemporary, you can keep it everywhere and it will mix and match with the environment. The RGB lights on this have a wide range of colour variety alongside different patterns as well.


  • The chair is foldable and can be easily stored and placed in any room
  • It comes with 2 audio speakers mounted in the headrest area for better audio quality
  • It also comes installed with Vibrations motors giving you a premium experience of 3D at home
  • The Subwoofers are the cherry on the top and you can get your hands on a high-quality audio experience
  • The chair is wireless, you will not need to connect anything to it


  • The X Rocker is console compatible and it was made for gamers
  • The comfort is beyond and the swivel movements are perfect for a long hour of sitting
  • The pedestal design is to be at ease and work or do your gaming sessions for as long as you want
  • It also comes with a wide range of colour variations to choose from. You can also decide if you like your lights in patterns
  • This a high-tech quality chair that comes with audio set up inside
  • It is wireless. For the connection purpose, you need to use the Bluetooth connection


  • The Bluetooth does not connect with the PS5 and you need to purchase an HDMI Audio Splitter in order to connect it to your chair

3- Rouge Gaming Chair LED Backlit – Best Value for the Money

good gaming chair with backlit lights

The number third is the series of Rouge Gaming chairs. This product is made in China and weighs around 40 pounds. This chair comes with a warranty from the supplier.

It is made with faux leather and colourful strips inside. You can choose your favourite strip colour. The back is made with RGB lights and its design is very modern.

You can use this chair for any purpose; it can be kept inside your room, study table chair, office, or even in your lounge.

The rouge chairs have a few series and all come with different functionalities; you are free to choose your favourite one from Amazon.


  • You can choose from a range of rouge series and colours
  • The RGB lights are placed on the back as well as on the strips at front
  • There is a built-in lumbar and sling-styled inner back support, which keeps your posture correct for long hour of work
  • It has a swivel motion and tilt control that will keep your motion in control
  • The height and armrest are adjustable  with a smooth single touch
  • It is made with pure rich faux leather


  • Easily adjustable in terms of height and armrest
  • It comes with a 360-degree swivel motion for ease of movement, however, you can lock it with a tilt
  • The tilt option helps to maintain weight and inclination on the chair for ease of movement and weight adjustment
  • The LED lights are operated with battery power. There is no cord attached, which gives you freedom of movement and there is a separate pouch to keep your remote in place all the time
  • It comes with LED light and eight different colours to choose from, you can easily adjust the chair to your comfortable position, and it is super durable


  • According to reviews and ratings overall, there is none

4- VERTAGEAR Racing Gaming Chair – Expensive Yet Future-Proof Option

top quality gaming chair on market

The series of Vertagear is considered one of the best gaming chairs with LED lights due to its uniqueness. Unlike other chairs that have RGB lights placed on their backs, this gaming chair with RGB lights kit on the bottom of the chair. This is one of a kind and a few chairs have this kit installed in them.

This chair represents the less-wires and more features of future technology. You do not have to use any cord to set it up because this kit will be charged to operate, just like your smartphone or laptop.


  • Comes with a rechargeable LED lights kit
  • You can customize the RGB lights accordingly
  • It also comes with a sync option; it means that when you play music the lights and patterns will synchronize with the mood. In addition, for a better gaming experience, the kit will synchronize with its moods as well, for example in case of victory, bomb shelling, failure, and hurt, it will change its colours from green, yellow, red and so on
  • It is made with highly durable polyurethane material and it weighs around 16 pounds; which is very light to easily move around anywhere
  • You will need 4 Lithium-ion batteries to operate the kit and first, it comes with the chair
  • The kit is Vietnam built
  • The chair comes with or without the LED lights kit


  • The LED light kit is only compatible with the vintage chairs

Our Recommendation

There are tons of options today when it comes to choosing any product from online stores but we need to make wise choices in order for the investment in our gadgets to last longer and be more comfortable. The RGB gaming chairs are the new talk of the town and they look so cool.

We all know that things represent the nature and mood of a person, an RGB gaming chair is the dream chair for any gamer, and if you can get a chair with an RGB gaming chair as well as comfort what could be greater than that?

We highly recommended our Rouge chair series because they come with great material, built-in firmware, comfort, and style as well, on top of everything it will not cost you an arm and leg. It will be a great asset and addition to your house and will be economical as well.  


Is the Chair comes with a Cord or Bluetooth?

We have been using cord cable gaming RGB chairs for so long and we know that it is a hassle, so all chairs included in this article are cordless and mostly operated with either Bluetooth or battery charging.

What is the material of the chair?

Almost all chairs included in this article are either made of pure leather or faux leather. The leather keeps the chair in better condition, it is more durable than any other material and it looks good as well

Can I keep my chair in the office?

These chairs are mostly styled in a way that can fit in any space and will not look odd. So you can keep them in your office, lounge, study room, or even in your own room.

Is there any warranty?

Yes, surely there is! All of these chairs come with a warranty from the owner and you can claim them within a specific period of time.

Is it worth investing in an RGB Light gaming chair?

This is your personal call by all means. However, the RGB gaming chairs are an investment that comes out of a passion for gaming gadgets, and they are used for aesthetics.

When a gamer or anyone uses a computer for long hours, the light of the chair alongside the PC and other accessories will make the mood light and happening.

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