Best RGB 140mm Case Fans [2023]

PC gaming has never been this large as it very well might be present. Of course, it may have been a specialty diversion sometime in the distant past, however, presently it’s uncommon to discover a family without a PC gamer or the like in it. 

With regards to a gaming PC, it should be solid and, obviously, adequately cooled. Also, when we consider sufficient wind current arrangements RGB typically would take a secondary lounge however with everything including RGB and treated glass being increasingly reasonable, it’s not difficult to perceive any reason why RGB case fans are more famous than any other time.

Besides the CPU cooler and the GPU cooler, the main piece of your cooling will be your case fans. The specific configuration will rely upon your case essentially, so make a point to look into surveys on the best way to set up your fans once you pick your suspension.

Inside the case fan region, there are truly two fundamental sizes: 120mm and 140mm. 120mm will fit in practically all cases, yet 140mm fans offer a better wind stream at lower RPMs, which means calmer. Actually, take a look at your requirements, yet if conceivable, 140mm case fans are a decent approach.

Lastly, when we assess case fans, we are basically discussing two things: execution and noise. So remember these two aspects when taking a gander at the classes and concluding which is more essential to you. 

In this article, we have gathered together the best RGB fans as of now accessible in 2021, with some contribution phenomenal max noise levels and fantastic lighting choices, without compromising a lot on wind current.

List of Best 140mm RGB Case Fans

Here are the top considerations from our side:

Noctua NF-A14 PWM – The Overall Best 140mm RGB Case Fan


  • Premium grade SSO2 bearing
  • Superior performance
  • Advanced acoustic optimization
140mm case fan with RGB lights
Image Credit: Noctua

If your need is just getting the most ideal presentation out of your case fans, there truly just is one maker to consider, the Noctua. The Austrian-based producer is amazing in the PC Building people group for making the most perfect fans conceivable. They move more air, at a calmer noise level, than pretty much some other creator available.

The form quality is heavenly, the guarantee/client support is first-rate, and the exhibition you get from any of their fans is hopefully acceptable. 

As far as 140mm case fans, we are fairly ruined for decisions from Noctua. The exemplary proposal is the Noctua NF-A14 PWM. It’s their standard 140mm case fan and is dependable and performant.

However, as you’ll see if you click on the connection or are recognizable, the shading plan of the exemplary Noctua fan is questionable. The brown and beige aren’t universally adored.


  • Six years warranty
  • Anti-vibration mounts


  • Expensive

Corsair LL Series LL140 – Durable 140mm RGB Fan for Dekstop PC Case


  • LED case fan
  • PWM fan control
  • Dynamic speed adjustment
  • 16 independent RGB LED’s
quietest 140mm rgb fan
Image Credit: Corsair

If the Noctua fans are all in all too plain for you, you may be searching for a case fan that carries some RGB to your apparatus. Regularly, besides including LED light strips or motherboard RGB, case fans are the most ideal way of carrying some lighting and customization to your apparatus.

While looking at “RGB 140mm case fan” will provide you with a huge load of choices, not all RGB is made equivalent! Some case fans may look decent, yet be difficult to control. Others have extraordinary programming, however not extremely snappy lighting.

Fortunately, one of our enormous name-believed makers chose to create not just the most dependable programming, yet additionally made some splendid-looking 140mm case fans. Our decision for the best tasteful RGB case fan is the Corsair LL140. 

The LL140 is splendid. It has 16 LEDs in a twofold ring plan that we know as a matter of fact offers a lot of customization choices and glimmer for your gaming rig. The LL140 is the genuine article on execution either, producing a lot of wind stream even with the entirety of its brilliance.

What’s more, while not great, the product used to control the fan speed and lighting of the LL140 is the unified Corsair programming, iCue. It may not be 100% solid, yet contrasted with the hot trash we see from different producers, it’s quite incredible.

This kind of magnificence includes some significant downfalls, however. A two bunch of the fans alongside the RGB Lightning center goes around $85. At 40-ish dollars a fan, that isn’t modest. Yet, the quality is incredible, the lightning is awesome, and the fans suck bunches of air.

To put it short, if you need great execution, however, need something that will make your case glow, the LL140 is the most ideal fan for you.


  • Low noise level
  • Attractive dynamic lighting


  • Cable management is not so good

Corsair Air Series AF140 – Reliable 140mm Case Fan with Improved Airflow


  • Low sound output
  • Attractive LED illumination
  • High airflow rating
RGB 140mm silent PC case fan
Image Credit: Corsair

An enormous number of clients were totally happy with this case fan. The clients announced that it offers incredible execution and fascination. The LED light is exceptionally alluring for gamers, while it performs staggeringly very much contrasted and other case fans.

It is energetically suggested by most clients. Corsair is prestigious for its item quality as far as dependability and execution. The Corsair AF140 Case Fan offers inconceivable cooling and brightening while at the same time working.

What is fascinating is its amazingly quiet activity. It has a sound yield of just 25.5 decibels. In addition, it has an unrivaled CFM rating of 66.4, which keeps your PC cool. 

The Corsair AF140 Air Series Fan is coordinated towards gamers and weighty responsibility application clients. If you need to crush each conceivable ounce of execution from your PC, then, at that point, this is the fan. It offers LED enlightenment while offering an incredible exhibition.

Hence, it turns into an eye-getting fascination for most gamers. To summarize it, this case fan by Corsair is essentially awesome. It offers you all that you could want.

Execution, fascination, and quiet activity, you get everything with this model. If you’re a gamer and are searching for a top-of-the-line case fan, we recommend purchasing this one for an ideal encounter.


  • Great cooling performance
  • Improved airflow


  • Not very bright LEDs

Cooler Master – A Silent Case Fan 140mm


  • RoHS compliance for environment protection
  • 60.9 CFM airflow 
  • Optimum cooling
  • Low noise levels
A super silent 140mm PC Case fan
Image Credit: Cooler Master

A genuinely enormous number of clients suggested this case fan. The explanation is its super-quiet activity. Clients accept that this fan works proficiently without uttering any solid whatsoever.

In addition, it has a fair wind current rating, which guarantees that your PC parts remain impressively cool with practically no issue. What strikes us about the Cooler Master Silent Fan is its staggeringly quiet activity.

It has a sound yield of just 16 decibels, while it has a fair wind current ability, too. That is not all. It includes a high wind stream rating of 60.9 CFM to keep things cool and consistent. 

The Cooler Master Silent Fan is a suggested case fan for the CM 690 and Centurion 590. Its quiet activity draws in any individual who is burnt out on boisterous fan noise coming from their PC case. Additionally, it offers an extraordinary incentive for your cash.

Thus, if you are a financial plan gamer, this fan would bring about the ideal result for you. All things considered, you requested the best along these lines, here is one. Offering an incredible incentive for the cash, this unit is an extraordinary decision for spending plan gamers.

However, remember that this case fan doesn’t uphold LED enlightenment. Other than that, you can expect some genuine presentation help matched with super calm activity.


  • A good amount of cord is available
  • Move a decent amount of air


  • Don’t come with any sort of instructions

Thermaltake Ring CL-F039-PL14RE – High-Quality RGB 140mm Case Fan


  • 24.1 decibels sound output
  • 51.15 CFM airflow rating
  • Concentrated compression blade
best case fan 140mm
Image Credit: Thermaltake

This is an extraordinary case fan, this time planned and fabricated by Thermaltake. A greater part of ongoing purchasers applauded its quality and execution. What they like with regards to it is the flexibility it offers. What’s more, it offers significant exhibition support contrasted with customary case fans.

Most clients accept that this is a genuinely modest fan. However, we think a piece differently. What is appealing with regards to it are its different elements.

It is accessible in different tones while offering incredible execution and insignificant noise. It has a noise yield of just 24.1 decibels with a fair 51.15 CFM wind stream rating. 

By and large, this model offers a lot of components. It accompanies high static strain configuration, inherent breeze blocker outline, pressure-driven bearing plan, against vibration mounting framework, and a wide scope of shadings.

In particular, it offers a three-year guarantee for clients, also. Thus, if you need to contribute securely, this is most likely an incredible pick.


  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • High static pressure design


  • No PWM fan

ARCTIC F14 Silent – Affordable Case Fan 140mm Dimension


  • Quiet case fan
  • Decent airflow of 46CFM
  • Fluid dynamic bearing
Cheap RGB Case Fan 140mm
Image Credit: Arctic

A genuinely enormous number of clients detailed this was a respectable, incentive for the cash case fan. Most clients were fulfilled, as they trust it performs better compared to what they paid for.

What’s more, it is very effective and delivers exceptionally low noise while working. In this manner, it makes an incredible expansion to your apparatus if you look for a modest, yet high-performing case fan. 

What we like with regards to this unit is its high proficiency and low noise levels, even at higher wind streams. It guarantees a liquid powerful bearing that guarantees its sturdiness for a significant stretch of time.

Additionally, it includes a respectable wind current rating of 46 CFM, considering the sticker price. Noise levels are significantly low at 0.08 sones. 

With everything taken into account, this is an incentive for the cash case fan. It is a quiet entertainer that guarantees dependable activity without making you stressed overcooling.

It has an extraordinary creative plan and respectable wind stream rating for successful ventilation. However, it doesn’t have any LED lighting, yet we can’t see it as a major issue.


  • Pocket friendly
  • Great efficiency


  • Low airflow rating

CRYORIG XT140 – High Performance 140mm Fan with RGB Lights


  • Slim case fan
  • Low noise and high precision
  • Acoustic vibration absorbers
High airflow case fan with 140mm dimensions
Image Credit: Cryorig

Plenty of surveys are sure with regards to these case fans by Cryorig. What was generally appealing for clients was the good exhibition and low noise yield rating of the item. The majority of the clients were totally happy with its perfect activity. 

With regards to this item, we are very partial to its noise and vibration decrease instrument. It includes an HPLN (High Precision Low Noise) bearing for the least vibrations.

Besides, it has three hued worked in Acoustic Vibration Absorbers for noise and vibration control, and to coordinate with your case and framework.


  • Easy to fit
  • Four-pin connector


  • Not great bearing quality

Verdict – Best Among All

Case fans are an underestimated part of the PC and are the least considered upon. They are the essential wellspring of air guidelines in your case, which permits you to extricate the greatest execution. Along these lines, attempt to put resources into a good case fan and dispose of your heating issues. In our opinion, the best one among all is Corsair Air Series AF140 because of the following reasons:

  • It has a very low sound output, and we must consider this factor when looking for a case fan.
  • As case fans are meant to provide amazing cooling so we can say that the Corsair air series AF140 fulfills this need as it has superb cooling performance. 
  • It also has amazing LED lighting that looks very attractive.
  • Its performance is way better than the standard case fans. 

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