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Best RGB Power Supply (PSUs) for Gaming PC in 2023

guide on highly rated rgb psus

The best RGB power supply presumably isn’t at the first spot on your list for your next gaming PC project, yet it’s as yet perhaps the main choice you’ll make. The power supply is the powerhouse of your PC; it takes care of each part of your machine, and if your PSU goes down, it can take all the other things with it. 

From the CPU up to your valuable design card, everything in your PC benefits from the best power supply you can purchase, so you should give additional consideration when the opportunity arrives to choose your next PSU.

Keep in mind, without the right power supply, you risk transforming your valuable gaming PC into a costly paperweight. A decent PSU will keep going for a few frameworks, which means you can make a wise venture now, and you will not need to invest extra the following energy you overhaul.

Try not to be stressed over going over the top either—a couple of years prior, high-limit PSUs were less effective at lighter burdens, however, this isn’t the case any longer.

Today, our focus is to mention some best ad durable RGB PSUs for gaming PC so that you can pick the best suitable one for you. 

List of Best RGB Power Supplies for For Gaming PC

Following is a list of a few low-budget RGB gaming PSUs:

Corsair CX450 – Overall Best RGB PSU Pick

The overall best rgb power supply for gaming


  • 450W DC output
  • 80-plus bronze efficiency
  • 5 years warranty

The most reduced capacity individual from Corsair’s spending plan arranged CX line is the CX450. All CX models are made by two different OEMs: either Great Wall or Channel Well Technology (CWT), and every one of which utilizes a particular platform. The best way to differentiate them is their RPS numbers and reference designators given to each display.

The two designs have fixed cables to keep the cost as low as could really be expected. Regardless, they use current platforms highlighting LLC resounding converters and voltage guideline modules to create minor rails and great fans. 

It is uncommon to discover a particularly present-day platform in this value range. The most irregular part is that the Corsair CMX units—which highlight semi-secluded cables so somebody can imagine how they have a place with a higher class—really utilize a lower-execution platform.

Between the two Corsair CX450 variants, the model made by Great Wall is more productive than Cwt’s, particularly under light loads, and has a more proficient 5VSB rail. Then again, it has a more forceful fan profile, so its clamour yields increments. 


  • Rifle bearing fan
  • Modern platform


  • Non-modular

Thermaltake Toughpower iRGB plus1050W 80+ – Best Value RGB PSU

High performance rgb power supply for mid range gaming PCs


  • 1050W output
  • Lightning connector
  • Eight pounds weight

It is a completely RGB unit despite the fact that it drives for different sorts of RGB too. ARGB can sit for addressable RGBs, and it demonstrates you get all the more tweaked control of the tones for the thing.

However, the PSU is better for standard RGB variations too. Then, that unit is completely particular and the GF1 furnishes with one or the other Platinum or Gold.

However, the Platinum may make you return impressively a ton. Indeed, even the gold model takes very more than its non-RGB rivals.

The ARGB improvement on those PSUs feels to be an enormous ongoing expansion so this may specifically show that they have situated famous issues in the conventional RGB adaptations.

It isn’t extremely calm, yet it is one the serene end for a portion of the PSUs with the goal that it completes a wide scope of spending adaptations.

Thermaltake can be the only significant association that can be driving quality RGB PSUs, and as of now, they may control that segment of the market. However, the light show needs to merit that extra cost to the customer.

It’s a reliable gaming power supply with an RGB fan inside to add more colours to your gaming rig. It could have been better if Thermaltake had included an aura sync compatible RGB fan in this unit.


  • Fully modular
  • 10 years warranty


  • Expensive

XPG Core reactor 650W – Price to Performance Ratio RGB PSU

good gaming power supply with rgb features


  • 80 plus gold efficiency
  • 120mm fluid dynamic bearing fan
  • 2 EPS connectors

XPG caused trouble with its Core Reactor line, a great arrangement of PSUs utilizing an equipped platform given by Channel Well Technology. XPG took the organization’s CSE platform and guaranteed it had selective rights, so you will not see another OEM utilizing CSE.

The XPG Core Reactor with 650W capacity should confront solid rivals, for example, the Corsair RM650x, etc. All things considered, it figures out how to lead the race, and this is noteworthy.

Particularly as XPG hasn’t been such a power in this market truly, it has obviously recruited the appropriate individuals for the work. 

The Core Reactor 650 doesn’t just accomplish elite, yet it is dead quiet, as well, with near 23 dBA normal commotion yield. Additionally, its normal productivity with 115V is near 89.5%, prompting the Gold 650W effectiveness class.

Another significant benefit of this PSU is the minimized impression, which will make the establishment cycle more reasonable.

The completely measured cables will likewise help in this as well. Discussing the cables, they don’t have in-line capacitors, making cable establishing harder than it must be.

You can also attach an aftermarket RGB PSU cable with this power supply to add more aesthetics to your gaming rig.

The only genuine disadvantage in this unit is the pair of EPS connectors facilitated on a similar cable. Ordinarily, EPS connectors ought to be introduced on committed cables for lower voltage drops and upgraded well-being, yet the platform didn’t give enough attachments to this.


  • High performance
  • Silent operation


  • Both of the EPS connectors are on the same cable

Corsair RM850x – A High-End PSU

Most reliable gaming power supply from Corsair


  • 850W max DC output
  • Fully modular
  • 3 EPS connectors

It wasn’t a piece of cake to update a platform that was among the awesome Gold effectiveness classification, yet Corsair figured out how to do this with CWT’s assistance.

The new Corsair RM850x accomplishes higher generally speaking execution than its archetype on account of its astonishing wave concealment, tight burden guideline, and higher proficiency, particularly at light loads.

The hold-up time is likewise more, while inrush flows stay at similarly low levels. The lone areas where the old RM850x wins are transient reactions at 3.3V, which isn’t critical, and commotion yield in view of the more forceful fan speed profile and the new ML enthusiast of the new unit.

Notwithstanding the expanded general commotion yield, we actually incline toward the new ML fan since it is really solid considerably under high working temperatures.


  • Magnetic levitation fan
  • Ten years warranty


  • Little distance between peripheral connectors

Corsair RM750x – Best Budget Pick RGB Gaming PSU

Ideal gaming rgb psu


  • 750W maximum DC output
  • 80 plus gold efficiency
  • Fully modular
  • 10 years warranty

The new RM750x has a significant presentation lead over its previous versions, in spite of the fact that it loses normal noise yield to the more seasoned model’s dead quiet activity.

In any case, you can’t call the new model uproarious in light of the fact that it accomplishes a Cybernetics A-rating, with its normal noise yield being near 28 dBA.

The only region that needs a slight improvement in productivity under high loads, which is the fundamental justification for the not really serious normal proficiency. In any case, the effectiveness under light loads is out of this world.


  • High performance
  • Magnetic levitation fan


  • In cable capacitors


In our opinion, the best RGB PSU for gaming PC among all that is mentioned above is Corsair RM850x because it is fully modular, which means it is very reliable, and it allows you to add extra cables if you want to. Also, it gives ten years warranty to the customers. However, we have mentioned all the features, pros, and cons of every product so that you can choose the one that fits your needs. 

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