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Best RGB PSU Cables for Gaming PC in 2023

Ultimate guide on The RGB PSU cables

PSU cables are one of the most important factors of the hardware of a system because of the highest quality supply and utilization in multiple subsequent forms. When we look into the basic aspects in life like turning on a light or walking on a street, we often neglect the factor that how excellent is the infrastructure behind all these factors.

However, some people genuinely think about the details, and it is the reason behind the accuracy and wonderfulness of these things. The same applies when you are building a gaming PC. Other than the amazing cores of a CPU, the RGB cables can mesmerize anyone because they are responsible for providing power to other peripherals in the PC. 

Today, our focus is on providing the best RGB PSU cables details to our users so that you can simply pick the most suitable among them, and get the best results without wasting your time searching the best for you over the web. 

List of Some Best RGB PSU Cables for Gaming PCs

Following is a list of the best RGB PSU cables available that can fit your needs in the most suitable way:

Lian Li Strimmer RGB PSU cable – Best Overall RGB PSU Cables

The overall best RGB psu cables on the market


  • PCI bracket
  • 24 pin and 8 pins variation
  • Quality assured material

This cable is available in 24 pin and 8 pin variations, which allow amazing customization to the users. In addition to this, the lighting effects are provided free from the motherboard power links.

The cable has 12 strings that are made up of excellent quality optic fiber, which ensures excellent transmission of lighting equally.

Other than that, the brackets that are responsible for holding the light tubes onto the extension cables are working just fine.

Also, the clips on the wire are just one at the front and one at the back. One of the best things that you might never overlook in this product is its very easy installation.

Summing up the product; we can say that it is a big improvement not only in visual terms but also in the terms of quality and design.  


  • Easy to install
  • Optical lightening secured


  • Stiff cables

PCcooler Power Supply Sleeved RGB Cable – A Durable Option

highly durable gaming PSU cable


  • NYLON material plastic shell
  • 200mm length
  • 24 pin

This cable is responsible for adding the RGB impact on the 24 pin ATX PSU so that the final product has a dazzling look. Additionally, it is considered a very good helper for managing the case cable by keeping it neat and ensuring a stable power supply.

In addition to this, it has 16AWG cables, stiffness needed for amazing routing, and a 3 pin cable that the user can connect to the motherboard so that it is possible to synchronize the lights with the motherboard.

The RGB available makes your PC look amazing due to the good organization and management. The cable is durable also due to the wrapping in silicone material, which provides extra thickness that is required for installation. 


  • Value for money
  • Good RGB hues


  • Dull lights

Zezzio RGB Extension PSU Cable – Most Reliable Choice

low budget PSU cable for gamers


  • RGB cable with weight 7.8 ounces
  • Power range between 250W to 1300W
  • 18AWG wire

The package comes with a sleeved extension cable kit. The kit is suitable for utilizing the ATX connectors so that the expansion links can be viable with any standard ATX power supply.

In addition to this, it has two LED light strips that are responsible for increasing the RGB brightness. As a result, the mainframe of your computer might look brighter along with the perfect storage of cables.

One of the best factors of this power cable is its easy installation. Also, it will not only save your time by installing quickly but also ensure a stable power supply.

The wide compatibility of the cable ensures good support for the ATX motherboard, E-ATX motherboard, Micro-ATX motherboard, and many more. 


  • Thick wire
  • Fiber and nylon material


  • A bit difficult to bend

EZDIY-FAB White PSU Extension Kit – Best Budget RGB Cable

affordable rgb psu cables


  • RGB cable combs
  • Nylon sleeved cable extension kit of 300mm

If you are interested in combining RGB lighting with cable management then there is nothing better than choosing the EZDIY-FAB PSU extension kit. It will give your PC the additional marvelous RGB that it always requires.

In addition to this, this cable is famous for its perfect design, which is most suitable for sleeved cables. Also, the size is perfect for holding the cable into the comb without harming the sleeve. 

Each extension cable has a length of 300mm and has black connectors attach at both ends. These connectors are responsible for extending the power. Not only this, the cables are secured without the usage of any kind of heat-shrink material. Isn’t it something really amazing?

The wireless remote control in the kit can help with the RGB colors, and also you can use RF remote control to choose from 300 modes of light effect. However, it is strictly prohibited to connect the strip with a 12V connector else you will regret it as it will destroy everything. 


  • Rounded edges
  • Good cable management


  • Unable to connect with 12V connector

XPG Prime ARGB High Performing RGB PSU Cable – Great Quality

high quality RGB sleeved cable for gaming PSU


  • 36 pieces RGB chip quantity
  • 24 pin cable

If you are interested in making your apparatus animated with the amazing lighting impacts that too are controllable then go for XPG prime as it has all those features that you are looking forward to.

It also has a 24 pin connector support, which means you can extend the length of the supply connection without any hassle.

In addition to this, it has a built-in controller that has 8 different built-on ARGB effects, which obviously will provide you multiple options. For safety, it is prepared with a patented sleeve that is made of fiber optics, which is only specified for this application. 

You might get surprised by knowing that it is very compatible with various RGB software, which means you can without much hassle control the lighting impacts with the help of RGB programming.

Additionally, these copper strand cables have high quality due to the thickness of 16AWG, which means they have reduced resistance due to high efficiency.

Not only this, it has an ultra-bright ARGB lighting controller that has eight different lighting effects that are totally adjustable. You can breathe life in your gaming PC with the help of these cables.


  • Best quality 16AWG electrical wiring
  • 3-pin ARGB implementation


  • A bit stiff

Funtin ATX RGB Synchronized Sleeved Cable

rgb sync psu cables


  • 5.5 ounces weight of the package
  • Funtin manufacturer

It is highly adaptable due to the usage of the RGB control program that comes with the motherboard. This RGB program helps with the correct synchronization along with other RGB devices so that you can enjoy real-time synchronization of colors.

You will have an amazing visual experience with the two cables that are 24 pin RGB ATX and 8+8 pin RGB GPU cable. It also supports major RGB software like Gigabyte X570, ASUS AM4 Z390-A, and many more like that.

However, it only supports the motherboard interface that is installed in the 3pin 5V interface, which means you cannot install it on 4pin otherwise it will get burned. 


  • Easy installation
  • Good thickness


  • Get dull with time

The Bottom Line and Recommendation

Finally, these were some of the best-rated RGB PSU cables on our list. We highly recommend going with XPG Prime ARGB that offers the most value for the money you pay for it. The lights are vibrant and look pretty immersive inside a transparent gaming PC case. If you want to know how you can make your own custom PSU cables at home, read about that here.

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