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How to Control RGB on ASUS Motherboard

controlling RGB on a asus mobo in easy steps

While picking a color for a plan, you need to identify which color profile you need to utilize. A great deal of this relies upon what application you are utilizing the color for. RGB color profiles are utilized fundamentally for computer screen applications.

With the RGB color profile being one of the most well-known. RGB comprises red, green, and blue tones that can make a wide exhibit of different colors when consolidated. RGB color profiles are shaped through an added substance measure.

They are utilized principally on computer screens and the web. RGB colors are made through light, which can have any power, so therefore they can make up an extremely expansive scope of colors. At the point when you take a look at different colors on your computer screen, you’ll see they are dependent on the RGB shades red, green, and blue. RGB essential colors at full force are white, while at the most reduced power they’re black.

RGB color is frequently utilized for web and computer screen color. It has three channels (red, green, and blue) to make a wide variety of colors on the screen. You can change the qualities for each channel to change the color of the picture.

If all channels are at 0, you will get an unadulterated black color. Additionally, if all channels are at 255, you will get an all-white color. By changing the red, green, and blue channels, you can make any color in the rainbow, alongside grays, whites, and blacks.

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Today, our focus is on controlling RGB on the ASUS motherboard. For this reason, let us first understand ASUS motherboards a bit, and then we will proceed with the controlling of RGB on the ASUS motherboard.

ASUS motherboard

ASUS is a multinational company that is famous for computers, phone hardware, and electronics. ASUS Business motherboards give upgraded elements to smooth your IT activities, including exhaustive framework security, all day, everyday dependability and unwavering quality, and a further developed administration suite for simpler customization.

Execution is normally useful for a top-of-the-line Asus board, coordinating with X570 motherboards for gaming execution without issue. All things considered, the B550 motherboards are undeniably more reasonable MSI board that comes out top in our straight exhibition testing.

The – A progression of ASUS motherboards has a couple of key differences over the Z87-K motherboards. The – A load up is greater generally and has more provisions, basically as better overclocking support and a by and large further developed VRM.

Controlling RGB on ASUS motherboard

If you have an ASUS Motherboard with RGB lighting, you can utilize iCUE to control its lighting and the RGB lighting of ASUS GPUs. If your motherboard has a simple 12-volt RGB header, you can likewise utilize iCUE to control the lighting of devices joined to the header.

Setting up the integration of motherboard

To set up ASUS Motherboard joining in iCUE, ensure that you have both iCUE and ASUS Armory Crate introduced. For iCUE, ensure you have either the most recent form of iCUE 3 or the most recent variant of iCUE 4. On the other hand, for Armory Crate, ensure you have the most recent variant introduced.

To start with, you should empower in-game lighting impacts in Armory Crate. For this purpose:

  • Open the Armoury Crate
  • From the left menu that will be visible to you, you have to select the AURA sync.
  • After that you have selected AURA sync, the next step is to click on the AURA effects tab so that you can adjust the settings according to your ease.
  • Once you have done click on the AURA effects tab, the next step is to enable the In-game lighting effects that will be visible to you on the bottom left side.
  • After enabling the in-game lighting effects, you have to open the iCUE.
  • In the devices section, select the ASUS motherboard.
  • In case if you can’t see the ASUS motherboard option in the devices section then you should understand that your motherboard is not compatible with iCUE.
  • On the other side, if you find the ASUS motherboard option in the devices section then you can edit the lighting according to your requirements, and enjoy the perks.


Finally, this is how you can easily control the RGB scheme on an ASUS motherboard. The Corsair iCUE is a reliable RGB control software as compared to Gigabyte Fusion, ASRock Polychrome, Aura Sync, etc. By following the above methods, you can easily in-line the RGB aesthetics of your motherboard with the rest of your gaming rig.

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