Best RGB Mechanical Keyboards Under $100 [2023]

Keyboards play a significant role in the usage of computers and laptops. However, with the changing world, people are now preferring RGB keyboards over simple keyboards and there are many valid reasons to do so. An RGB keyboard is unique from an ordinary keyboard because of the presence of an advanced type of LED-backlit. This LED-backlit of RGB keyboard is responsible for the generation of custom colors like the combinations of red, green, and blue light.

You can also customize RGB keyboards with colors similar to the ones on your RGB Power Supply Unit or PC Case. Not only this, RGB mechanical keyboards allow the user to select from a range of more than 16 million colors. Isn’t it something really amazing?

The keyboards with RGB effects come at different price ranges. Today, we will focus on multiple types of RGB mechanical keyboards under $100 so that you can always choose the one that is most suitable for you in every way. 

List of RGB Mechanical keyboards less than $100

Here are some of our top considerations:

Hyper X FPS Pro – Best Overall RGB Keyboard Under $100

The best rgb keyboard under 100 dollars


  • Minimalistic design
  • Steel framework
  • Red backlit keys with dynamic lighting effects

The Hyper X Alloy FPS is pretty much like its different keyboards, with the keys edged on the highest point of the level metal. In contrast to another heavier series, this Alloy FPS accompanies a meager metal layer and a plastic base that is coordinated with the steel outline.

The Cherry MX switches of three variations viz. Red, Brown, and Blue are accessible. Moreover, at the back, you have a smaller than normal USB plug, which feels a bit frustrating considering most gadgets currently support miniature USB.

Media controls are really easy to utilize and are there very restricted choices. Fn catch and F6-F8 keys are utilized to control media playback. Volume controls are from F9 to F11. Likewise, F12 can be utilized to enter the game mode. It likewise incapacitates Windows keys.

Like other Hyper X keyboards, it additionally includes just red LED lighting. You can utilize Fn and bolt keys to change the brilliance levels and lighting style of the keyboards. What makes the keyboard so appealing is its blend of smooth TKL design and great cost.


  • Durable construction
  • Stable base


  • No USB pass-through

Razer Ornata Chroma – A Durable RGB Backlit Keyboard on Budget

Durable keyboard under $100 with RGB lighting


  • 10 key roll-over
  • Mid-height keycaps
  • Advanced technology

Razer Ornata Chroma is a blend of mechanical and layer keyboards. Also, it has layer switches, the keys have significant travel to it which makes it different from other film keyboards. The producers have modified the casing to coordinate a material knock for further developed composing experience.

Razer has protected the delicate feel of the rubber dome and has coordinated it well with the material input. The square-formed keycaps limit the wobble significantly, giving a discrete vibe near a customary mechanical keyboard.

However, there is sure opposition from the rubber dome and the snap activity does the switch much inflexible than a standard layer switch. It includes a striking Chroma RGB lighting framework. Further, the mid-profile keys skim a little over the base making it simpler for you to type for quite a while.

However, Software can be a bit laggy and needs heaps of customization highlights, you would anticipate from keyboard programming. In short, this keyboard is for individuals who expect speed and exactness when they are messing around or composing. You will adore the individual coding for hotkeys across numerous games.


  • The wrist rest is very comfortable
  • Tactile click


  • Laggy software

SteelSeries Apex S – Hybrid Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard Under $100

Under $100 RGB mechanical gaming keyboard


  • Spring mechanical keys
  • Customization of keys is accessible
  • Hybrid features of mechanical and membrane

Steel Series Apex 5 is a mix of springy mechanical keys with a membrane contact under. It reacts well to both gaming and composing. The product permits you to tweak every single key to your own inclinations.

You will adore how well the single sight and sound catch is executed as opposed to putting a full arrangement of media keys. If you need to attempt a hybrid that can give you the best of both mechanical and membrane, this can be an extraordinary decision.

It is very simple to append and withdraw. Likewise, it feels great when you are gaming. It offers a matte surface with agreeable wrist support. Wrist support isn’t froth and is adequately strong to keep going for quite a while.

Albeit the producers have attempted to copy the Cherry MX switches with a clicky commotion and material knock, it will not give you the specific feel of customary mechanical switches. The product works quite tolerably.

It won’t knock your socks off yet it absolutely permits you to reinvent each key exclusively, which is an extraordinary component. You additionally will make singular profiles for different games and program macros.

Once more, as K556 referenced over, the RGB lighting isn’t excessively splendid and can glance a bit cleaned out in a brilliantly lit room.


  • Clicky sound is pleasant
  • Great wrist support


  • Brightness cannot be adjusted too high

Durgod Taurus K320 – A Reliable Backlit Keyboard on Budget

A reliable backlit mechanical keyboard


  • Sturdy case
  • Type-C to Type-C USB and Type-C to Type-A cables
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows

The Durgod Taurus K320 was a charming astonishment. The case material is produced using plastic with a metal plate, which doesn’t flex at all and feels extremely strong. The rear of the keyboard has a middle-mounted USB-C port with steering aides to coordinate the link left or right.

The Taurus K320 with Cherry MX Brown switches has a material with a slight knock. The K320 was an outright delight to type with and is an incredible keyboard in general. The keyboard accompanied PBT keycaps in a dark and dim shading design that looks straightforward and clean.

The stabilizers made a pleasant *thunk* sound when composing. It’s truly difficult to beat the composing experience of this keyboard. The rear of the keyboard has a couple of force link steering helps and kickstands that offer two different extra tallness settings.

However, the power cable design is not as good. The USB-C force power cable connects to the center of the posterior of the keyboard, and the top of the force link is designed for certain little scores so it can slide into the port and be held set up.

This design appeared to be pointless and kind of inconvenient, the link directing guides on the back was likewise difficult to utilize. If Durgod just went with the standard port on the left half of the keyboard it would have been a lot more straightforward and better.

The firmware was likewise marginally difficult to utilize, the Zeus motor establishment was difficult to introduce, and the directions for how to utilize it was not extremely clear also.


  • Amazing thunk sound when composing
  • Amazing composition


  • Not so good power cable design

HyperX Alloy Origins Core – The Best TKL Mechanical Keyboard with Backlit RGB

RGB tkl mechancial keyboard under $100


  • 80 million keystrokes
  • Dazzling RGB lighting with dynamic effects
  • Aluminum body

The HyperX Alloy Origins Core has been a top pick of our own for some time. The smooth aluminum case is slender and strong with very little flex to it. Generally, the quality is fabulous at the cost. The gliding key design makes the keyboard look amazing and clean with no prominent marking.

The solitary odd element about this keyboard is the power cable plugin area on the right half of the keyboard. This USB-C port area makes it a bit abnormal to the module and is certainly outside the standard.

They have some additional obstruction at the top and truly assist with supporting your finger through the whole keystroke. This forestalls torment in your fingers and makes for a pleasant composing experience.

The switches are helping set up firmly by the case, so there is next to no shake and shaking while composing. The absence of shaking makes the keystrokes sound fresh and clean. The Aqua switches are HyperX’s form of material, non-clicky switch, like the Cherry Browns.

The HyperX Alloy Origins Core accompanies ABS keycaps. The keycaps feel sort of thin and get that oily sparkle in the wake of composing. Not a colossal enthusiast of the keycaps, but rather for $20 you can arrange PBT keycaps on Amazon and still be inside the $100 territory, so we will not blame them for that to an extreme.

As referenced above, this keyboard accompanies RGB lighting that looks exceptionally pleasant. It is exceptionally simple to modify the lighting with different shadings, breathing impacts, and is by and large basic and enjoyable to utilize.

The keyboard can hide away to three preset lighting settings, so you can have a couple of lighting settings available to you. The stabilizers on this keyboard clatter a little, particularly the spacebar. It’s not really awful, but rather it is perceptible.

Typically the stabilizers clatter on the grounds that the keyboard doesn’t offer sufficient inflexibility and backing under the stabilizer mounts, which is the justification of the HyperX Alloy Origins Core.

Generally speaking, this keyboard is an extraordinary buy. It’s feasible to discover better keyboards out there, yet at the cost, you truly can’t beat it. The keyboard is strong, and enjoyable to type on.


  • Pleasant composing experience
  • The fresh sound of keystrokes


  • Stabilizers clatter a little

Recommending the Best Mechanical RGB Keyboard under $100

The best one among all in our opinion is HyperX Alloy Origins core because it provides 80 million keystrokes, which is great at this price. Also, you will enjoy its amazing build quality, and will definitely enjoy the support that your fingers will have while stroking keys on this RGB keyboard. 

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