Best Ring Lights for Streaming/Vlogs/TikTok

best ring lights for streaming and tiktok vlog

Ring lights may have once seemed like a passing trend, but there’s a compelling reason for their enduring popularity. These versatile devices excel at evenly distributing light for close-up camera shots, making them invaluable tools for achieving professional-looking visuals. Don’t Have Time? Check Out Our Premium Picks Below: Whether you’re striving to achieve balanced lighting … Read more

Does Razer Have RGB Headsets? Here’s the Answer

Razer RGB headset

RGB (Red, Green, Blue) lighting has become an increasingly popular trend in the gaming industry, adding a vibrant and customizable aesthetic to gaming setups. Razer, a renowned brand in the gaming community, is well-known for its innovative gaming peripherals. In this article, we will delve into the world of RGB and explore whether Razer offers … Read more

Best RGB Gaming Chair with LED Lights [2023]

top led gaming chairs guide

The best RGB gaming chair with LED lights is a dream come true for gamers. This is light the missing piece of a puzzle that completes it perfectly. There is a gaming chair and then there are gaming chairs with LED lights – a completely different mood – such a flex. There are quite a … Read more

Best Gaming Desks with RGB LED Lights [2023]

guide to rgb gaming desk

Discover the world of RGB gaming desks with LED lights, designed specifically to elevate your gaming experience. These desks are tailored for PC setups and displays, offering a unique combination of functionality and aesthetics. Unlike standard desks, RGB computer desks excel in providing full-spectrum colors through their immersive lighting effects. This feature enhances the quality … Read more

Best RGB NVMe SSDs for Gaming in 2023

all about top RGB NVMe SSDs

Despite the fact that an SSD is an inner part of your PC, it is one that you can in any case check whether you have a tempered glass sideboard on your case. Also, with all the RGB frenzy in desktop PC constructs these days, several producers chose to make the absolute best RGB SSDs … Read more

Best RGB Gaming Monitors in 2023

guide on RGB monitors

RGB monitor is a computer screen furnished with a lighting system that enlightens the posterior of the monitor – for the most part against a divider – and can show any RGB colour of your choice.  The RGB lights are everywhere on a PC if you have been shopping over the most recent couple of … Read more

Best RGB Computer Speakers for Gaming [2023]

Ultimate guide to RGb computer speakers

Extraordinary sound is basic for a vivid gaming experience. It diverts clamors and transports you to a different universe. Every one of the strides and vehicle sounds become more exact, and you can even hear where the shots are coming from.  The Best RGB Speaker We’ve Concluded So Far….. The GoGroove BassPULSE 2.1 is one … Read more

Best ARGB LED Strips for Gaming PC [2023]

ultimate guide on argb led strip

An ARGB or Addressable RGB header is generally a 5V 3-pin connector that upholds gadgets furnished with an IC (Integrated Circuit, likewise now and then alluded to as a computer chip) to give much better adaptability with respect to lighting alternatives.  ARGB LED uniform strip supports a variety of controlled software. This lightning-controlled software permits … Read more

6 Best RGB PSU Cables in 2023 – Light Up Your Gaming PC

Ultimate guide on The RGB PSU cables

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best RGB PSU cables for gaming PCs. When it comes to creating an immersive gaming experience, aesthetics play a crucial role, and RGB lighting has become a popular choice among gamers. RGB PSU cables not only provide reliable power delivery but also add a vibrant and customizable touch … Read more